от 60% за месяц
ожидаемая доходность:
дата старта:
5%, 2%, 1%
реф. бонус:
мин. депозит:
макс. депозит:
тип выплат:
в любое время
Тарифные планы:
4% - 7% в день бессрочно
Платежные системы:

Описание проекта

Finexgen Limited was founded by experienced traders who have an extensive trading experience and have successfully traded in the falling bear market during 2016, as well as in 2019 and 2020.

While most investors are losing their money on the fall of the cryptocurrency market, Finexgen Limited traders are developing successful trading strategies and implementing trading tools that allow to trade successfully at any time and in any market. 

The success of traders inspired the creation of Finexgen Limited and enter the international trading market to use all the accumulated knowledge and experience on an international scale, Despite the market decline, cryptocurrencies are very volatile, Such volatility allows to constantly earn high profits regardless of whether the cryptocurrency market is falling or growing, A large number of different cryptocurrencies increases our capabilities and gives us prospects for further development and increasing the overall trading volume.

Finexgen Limited uses trading bots that monitor the cryptocurrency with the greatest volatility, At the same time, it does not matter whether the price of the cryptocurrency is falling or rising, Traders of Finexgen Limited can earn money in any market, The higher is the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the higher is the profit of Finexgen Limited.

We work with different exchanges, It increases our capabilities, because different exchanges list different tokens and prices on different exchanges for the same tokens differ, It allows to earn money on arbitration. 

Finexgen Limited is an officially registered company in the United Kingdom. 

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